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Video call is a great option if you are unable to bring your patient to my clinic or you are staying far away for example outside West Bengal or even outside India. By using video consultation you can easily avoid the queues at the clinic and consult from the comfort of your home. Please ensure you are in a area with good network connectivity or else the video call may drop. We use whatsapp for video consultation. 

how to do a video consultation


1. Call 9748483890 for appointment and timing of video call.

2. If you are a new patient send us your name, age and past treatment records along with any relevant investigations through whatsapp to 9748483890. You can also email them to in a pdf format. 

3.If you are an old patient, then please send your last prescription through whatsapp to 9748483890 or email to

4.Pay Fees Rs 800/- through any of the wallets mentioned below 


ANY INFO - 9748483890   

5. Once your payment is complete please send us a screenshot to our whatsapp number 9748483890.

6. You must have whatsapp installed in your phone, and give us the whatsapp number for the videocall.

6. Please ensure you are online during the timing slot alloted to you and once
the video call is completed you will receive prescription within the next 10 minutes. Our staff will be happy to help you understand the prescriptions and clarify any doubt you may have. Thank you and Take Care !

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